Do you ever feel like...

  • you would be more marketable for a job or promotion if you were more efficient in WordPress or other web apps?

  • you have a degree that isn't doing much for you?

  • you wrote "Proficient copywriter" on your resume but hope they don't test you?

  • you would be more confident at work or school if you were a master of web things?

  • you waste time trying to figure it out and then spend hours Googling what to do?

Now imagine...

  • Becoming THE subject matter expert

  • Being self-sufficient

  • Having job security

  • Saving HOURS frustrated


Don't doubt yourself- this is doable. This is worthwhile of your time and effort.

This proven system WILL make you a WHIZ.

Social proof: testimonials

“These courses are not designed to be overly technical like so many oceans of software or programming course options out there. The goal is not to teach you MySQL or python in 96 hours. There will always be others whom that stuff comes more naturally to and if that’s you, go for it! These courses are geared for those who want to improve their brands either for organizations they work within, their own endeavors or to gain skills for the future. When complete you will be able to launch and operate framework proficiently on any Wordpress based website, configure themes and plugins, understand how branding ties into websites and why its the core of what being a webmaster in today's day and age is all about. ”

- Jeremy


  • What do I need to get started?

    You'll need a phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    You'll need to be moderately proficient in the English language and understand patience and practice are they keys to mastering learning curves when gaining to new skills.

  • What if this isn't for me?

    Yes we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day of enrollment.

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Jeremy Stauber

Chief Brand Officer

As a reputed copywriter and brand consultant, I conduct a unique and straightforward training experience. Harvard trained and dynamically confident...TOGETHER we will achieve elite points of success (and have a ton of fun getting there). Through working for industry leading corporations and family owned companies ranging from insurance to real estate, building out their brands and websites often using Wordpress, I’ve found a strange hobby in buying domains, building shell brands and websites and selling these turn-key entities. This course is more than ‘if I can do it so can you’ it’s a worthwhile competence which isn't part of employer trainings or college curriculums. With a moderate learning curve that most people are unwilling to execute, your value as a skillful individual will increase exponentially after your completion of this course. This will make you desirable in an organization you work for and lean if you’re in business for yourself; you won't need to expel time and money on someone else to do it.